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Who Can Have a Listing?

Shops, restaurants, artists and creators, local influencers, tour guides, museums, authors, musicians, jewelry makers, and anyone who runs a service that caters to visitors and locals of the North Shore (Duluth to the Canadian Border, including the Highway 1 and Gunflint Trail areas) can have a listing on Exploring the North Shore.

Your business MUST BE LOCAL! Not web-based. Non-local listings will be deleted.

Our categories are Dining, Shopping, Arts & Culture, Creatives (musicians, bands, artists, authors, etc.), Content Creators (bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, etc.), Beauty & Spa, Tours & Outfitters (includes guides, gear rentals, and outdoor adventure companies), Wedding Services, Health & Medical (doctors, hospitals, vets, etc), Car Service & Repairs. 

If you don’t own a business but have an idea for an article, please use the Submit an Article Idea form.

IMPORTANT: This form is for non-lodging businesses only.  If you want to become a lodging partner (it’s free!) please Contact Us and we’ll get you set up. Lodging listings will use different software that I will be setting up sometime in early 2020.

Why Have a Listing?

We want Exploring the North Shore to be an inclusive listings directory for anyone looking to do pretty much anything on the North Shore. 

Plus, basic Listings are, and always will be, free. It’s a great way for visitors to find you while researching their trip to the North Shore. Our website allows visitors to “favorite” places they want to visit during their stay, or remember in case of an emergency. Those offering Creative Services, such as photographers, artists, authors, musicians, bloggers, and influencers have another source to promote their services or find new followers.

All listings include a lot of details about your business or service  using an easy to read layout. Check out an example of a basic listing.

IMPORTANT: This form is for non-lodging businesses only.  If you want to become a lodging partner (it’s free!) please Contact Us and we’ll get you set up.

What's the Difference Between Basic, Premium, and Featured Listings?

Details on the listings types, including pricing, can be found on the Advertise With Us page. But, in a nutshell…

The free Basic Listing is one you create yourself. A Premium Listing I create for you and includes professional photos and a video (including drone footage when possible). Both can be upgraded to a Featured listing which just means it appears first in searches and in rotations in our “Featured Listings” section on the homepage.

IMPORTANT: This form is for non-lodging businesses only.  If you want to become a lodging partner (it’s free!) please Contact Us and we’ll get you set up.

I Want to be Listed!

Great! Scroll down and fill out the form below to be added to the queue and will be live on the site within 3 business days. The form should take 10-15 minutes to complete. It helps to have 5 photos and your logo ready, as well as your basic description (many copy and paste off of their websites). When you submit the form the website will direct you to your listings preview.  I need to make some adjustments on my end to make everything look right, so your listing will look a bit different once it’s live. If you need help with your listing please contact us and we will help you out!

If you would like to upgrade to a Premium or Featured listing please contact us through the Advertise With Us page and we will be in touch soon.

IMPORTANT: This form is for non-lodging businesses only.  If you want to become a lodging partner (it’s free!) please Contact Us and we’ll get you set up.

Why is my Business Already Listed?

If I have previously done a feature on your business during my time at Cascade Vacation Rentals, you may already have a listing on Exploring the North Shore. To test certain features of the website, and to give it a little content, I built out some pages. Instead of making up businesses as examples, I used the information I already had available to me to build out business listings.  

If you like it how it is- you can keep it! If you want to make changes, just fill out the form and I will replace the old listing with the new one.  I can also make updates and changes if you see anything. For a basic change just send me an email through the Contact Us page. And if you don’t want to be listed on the site, just shoot me an email and I will remove it.

Basic Information


"Title" is your business name. For creative listings for an individual we recommend you use Your Name, Your Craft (i.e. Jane Smith, Visual Artist or John Smith, Travel Blogger) if you don't have another business name for yourself. Please only select 1-2 categories for your business. We reserve the right to edit categories.

Title (Business Name or Your Name)
Phone Number



Tell us about your business or service! This will be included in your listing. You can provide as much information as you'd like. Listings with 2-3 paragraphs look the best and give potential clients the most information. We reserve the right to make corrections or edits to your description as needed. HINT: If you have a website or social media account just Copy and Paste your "about" from there.




Please add in your physical address. If you do not have a physical address please put "No Physical Address" in the street address section. For location, you can either put the city you are located in (for shops, restaurants, etc.). If you do not have a physical location, you can put "All of the North Shore" as your city. This is ideal for a photographer without a studio, authors, and creators/service providers from outside the area who offer services in the area. Please select only ONE location. If you have multiple locations please create a different listing for each location. Example- LutZen Reflections - Grand Marais and LutZen Reflections - Lutsen.

Street Address- Street only, do not include city, state, or zip.



Square, round, and rectangular logos accepted, minimum size 150 x 150. The Featured Image is used as your preview and search result image. Free Basic Listings get 4 additional Gallery Images. Horizontal and square images preferred. Minimum size 600 px on the long edge. We reserve the right to delete any additional or incorrectly sized images.

Gallery Images - Submit 3-5 photos. 5 looks best on the listing. May take up to 5 minutes to load photos.
Video Link, If Available. Please link to a specific video, not a channel. YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, BlipTV, Veoh, and Viddler videos accepted.

Website & Social Media

Your Website and Social Media Links

Please add your website link and any applicable social media links. This will appear in your listing.


Other Info

Amenities and Keywords

Amenities are a list of features that will be listed in the "amenities" section of your listing. Not all amenities apply to all forms of business. Just pick the ones that apply to yours the most. Keywords are not seen on the listing but help with searches. You can add as many keywords that you feel apply to your business that's not listed in the Amenities section.

Amenities, Select ALL That Apply (Please Do Not Add Your Own)
Keywords, Select All That Apply or Add Your Own!

Submit Your Listing

Pending Review

The new listing will be pending and reviewed by Admin to be approved. It may take up to 7 business days to be reviewed, approved, and listed on the website. If you want to upgrade to a Premium or Featured listing, please do so by contacting us through the Advertise With Us page. Please submit your basic information as a placeholder until your Premium Listing set-up is arranged. Thank you for helping to make Exploring the North Shore the area's most complete listings directory!

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