A New Way to Find Lodging on the North Shore


Search For Lodging on the Entire North Shore In One Place!

"Does anyone have any vacancies this weekend?" I see posts like this frequently in the summertime on Facebook pages like "North Shore Tribe". Someone wanting to have a last-minute getaway but struggling to find a place to stay. One of the main reasons for this is that the area has no central search engine for available lodging on the North Shore. Very few of our hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals list on websites like Expedia or Priceline. So, you have to hunt, but that's time-consuming and can be frustrating during the peak season when things tend to book up early.

Well, wouldn't it be great if you could do one search and see the availability of over 100 hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals? Everything from large resorts on Lake Superiors to little cabins on the Gunflint Trail? Stay tuned, coming soon, you can!

Cliff House Townhomes at Lutsen Resort
Chateau LeVeaux Resort
Imagine This...

You See What's Available, In One Place

It's just a search bar, but it does so much more than a simple search! Explore over 100 places to stay on the North Shore in one place.

No More Website Hopping

Exploring the North Shore has a detailed page for each lodging partner so you can see what each one offers and pick your dream North Shore vacation spot with just one search.

Book Direct ...
Don't Give Us a Penny, Book Direct

Once you've found where you want to stay, make your reservation... with them! As soon as you click "Book Now" on the property of your choosing you are brought to their website and their reservation system. We don't take a dime from you, and we also don't charge them. Our goal is to make coming to the North Shore easy and hassle free for everyone.


Setting up over 100 lodging partners takes some time, but don’t worry! We plan to have the lodging search up and running by March, just in time to start making your summer 2020 plans to come see us on the North Shore! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for an update on when our lodging search feature is ready to go.

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