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Jaye on Cascade Beach Road in Lutsen
Exploring the North Shore Podcast Image

…The Podcast

Listen during your morning commute or on your trek up north. Hear the voices of the people who make the North Shore the incredible place it is, and get ideas for your vacation.

…The Communities

From Duluth to the Canadian Border- take a look at the Communities tab to find the area you plan to visit and see if there’s a place you have yet to experience.

…The Discover Guide

Plan to travel all over the area? Discover lodging, dining, shopping, arts & culture, tours & outfitters, and even find those offering creative services, like photographers, artists, and musicians. All under the Discover tab!

…The Explore Guide

Through the podcast and my job I’ve had the opportunity to experience much of what the North Shore has to offer. The Explore Guide introduces you to the things you can do, things you can see, and the history of the North Shore.